The Highland Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for its next round of Highland Has Art grants to Highland art-related organizations and projects. This is part of the Foundation’s ongoing initiative to promote the arts in Highland. Through funds committed by the Foundation, as well as through proceeds donated by Smalltown Coffee Co. from sales of their “Highland Roast” coffee, this grant cycle has $2,200 currently available to worthy projects. Applications are being accepted through December 15th, or until the funds are awarded.

Applicants for direct financial grants will be required to submit a grant application, which will be reviewed, along with any additional information requested, by the Highland Community Foundation Board of Directors, who will have the final say on grant approval. Applications are available online through the Highland Community Foundation’s website, or by contacting HCF at

The purpose of the “Highland Has Art” program is to foster and support, through direct grants and other assistance, the arts in the Town of Highland. The term “the arts” is meant to be a broad-based inclusion of art in its many forms, including but not limited to, the following: painting, sculpture, music, theatre, writing, poetry, photography, dance, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and the culinary arts. Also, as part of this effort, the Foundation is taking the lead this year to create a Highland Arts Council, and will begin to seek out partners to organize, support and promote adult and student art-related organizations in town.

To be considered, the project must be related to the arts in Highland, and applicants can be an individual, school or town organization, or a nonprofit organization from Highland. Direct funding of grants will not include purchase of fundraising tickets or sponsorships to fundraising events. Recipients of direct financial assistance will be required to provide whatever post-event follow-up information, as required by the Board of Directors, to verify usage of the funds.

Highland Has Art Grant Application 9-15-19

Highland Has Art Grant Cover Sheet