Having met for their first Board meeting of 2021, the Highland Community Foundation have welcomed new Board members, elected officers and established their goals for the new year.

At the virtual Board meeting on February 18th, HCF welcomed two new Board members: former HCF President Jim Dal Santo; and, former long-time President of Highland Main Street, Dawn Diamantopoulos. In addition, current Board member Cheryl Nicksic was appointed for another term. They will join incumbent Board members Robert Plantz, Julie Larson, Judy Vaughn and Lance Ryskamp.

HCF’s officers for 2021 are as follows: President- Lance Ryskamp; Vice-President- Judy Vaughn; Treasurer- James Dal Santo; and, Secretary- Dawn Diamantopoulos.

The Board has also approved the following as the Foundation’s 2021 goals:
• Provide a donation to the St. James Food Pantry to help with COVID-related food relief.
• Move forward to form a Highland Arts Council.
• Fund a new “Highland Has Art” grant cycle
• Provide a donation to the Town of Highland for new trees in town.

In order to move forward to implement their 2021 goals, fundraising needs for the year will be determined. In addition, Board member recruitment will be an additional priority.