Highland Artist Jessica Haug (L) and Smalltown Coffee Co-Owner & HCF Board member Elizabeth Steel (R) display the original and new version of Highland Roast in front Haug’s latest Highland public mural.

“Highland Roast”, a special roast developed in partnership with Smalltown Coffee Co., is getting a facelift, with the introduction of new packaging and branding. Smalltown recently completed refreshing their brand, bags and labels, leading to the creation of eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.

In 2017, Smalltown agreed to develop a “Highland” roast coffee on behalf of the Foundation and donate a portion of the sale proceeds to the Foundation’s “Highland Has Art” initiative. The roast was developed during the summer and early fall, and included taste-test input from residents. Highland artists were given the opportunity to create the wrap artwork for the 12 oz. coffee bag, with Highland artist Jessica Haug being selected to do the design.

Residents were asked to provide taste-test input in 2017 on the taste of “Highland Roast”

Annette McKeown shows Jessica Haug a mock-up of the original Highland Roast packaging, using Haug’s artwork.


Highland Roast was made available to the public in late 2017, and is available online from Smalltown Coffee’s website at https://smalltown.coffee/product/highland_roast/ , as well as being sold at local outlets such as the Highland Strack and VanTil store, The Green Witch Juice Bar & Café in Highland and Grindhouse Café in Griffith.

“We wanted to create an image that more clearly and iconically represented Highland,” Smalltown Co-Owner Annette McKeown said about the change. “This look will set the tone for working with other communities and non-profits as well.”